I5 seconds

Today my biz had 15 seconds of fame in the local newspaper. I'm so excited. I wouldn't have known, either, if I hadn't had a call at 7:00 am this morning from a person wanting to know about my wedding prices. Yes, at 7 in the morning! I was still in bed! It actually kind of freaked me out getting a phone call this earling in the morning! HA! But how exciting, too. Just in one day I've had more interested clients than I normally get in one month! I feel so incredibly blessed.

So, want to know what it said?! Here ya go!....

WHERE: xxxxxxxx
CALL US: xxxxxxx
THE BOSS: Valerie Wallace-Camp
THE PITCH: Valerie began her business with a focus on wedding photography that was different from the rest. Five years later, she still gives her couples something different with her story-telling technique. She also has a love for children and has ventured out with natural light on-location photography. Visit her Web site to view examples of her work and to find out more information.
ON THE WEB: www.vwcphotography.com

Needless to say, I'm glowing today...

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Mattigan said...

You actually got 14 seconds of fame...there was 1 second left for me..."On the web: www.vwcphotography.com"

*Proud Pappa*