Ella C

Ella C. One of my most favorite subjects. Probably because she is my niece. My dear sweet little niece. And I am hoping she will be my daughter's best friend. It might be hard with Ella living in Oklahoma, but it can work. Two of my very dearest friends grew up in Chicago and Iowa. We wrote hand-written, yes, hand-written, letters all the time to one another. So in this day and age with email, I know their friendship can endure. *smile* Going off topic now...

Anyhow, I wanted to share a composite that I did of her. I sent this to Ella's mommy and daddy (Chel and Brad) as a house-warming gift when they moved to OK. I kinda sorta think they liked it based on Chel's reaction when she received it. Thanks for being excited over my work, Chel! Best wishes in OK! Love you guys...xo

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