Fruitful Blessings

I had the best doula ever when I had my little Miss Maia. Her name is Leann. When I called her up, I had absolutely no idea that she was a friend...actually my childhood babysitter...and we both put two-and-two together to come to that realization. It was pretty neat. Definitely was meant to be. I don't believe in coincidences.

So she got me through my pregnancy without much worry and she got me through one of the roughest labors ever without too many tears. I know that Neil and I would not have made it through like we did without her being there. So thank you again, Leann. I would have never ever had it any other way. You actually inspired me, and still do. God definitely put you on this earth to do what you are doing.

Here is an ad I designed for her business.

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