I love pregnant bellies

In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful and amazing than a pregnant woman. Which is why I enjoy photographing them so much. I think they are my most favorite subject. We always have a really great time in our sessions. But I am also very lucky because I always have great clients to work with.

My last session was with Jennifer and Ryan. We had a really great time. Jennifer just radiated and I think you can feel that in her pictures. Which is exactly why I wanted to show you some of my favorites.

By the looks of the photos, you can probably tell that big brother, O, can't wait to meet his little sister. He had a lot of fun at the shooting. It was hard for me not to hold my concentration on him because he easily stole the show. Thanks to all three of you for a wonderful day. Good luck with everything come Friday. Jennifer's baby is breech. She will deliver the baby girl by scheduled c-section. I wish you nothing but goodness. And I cannot wait to meet new baby R.

Here's some glimpses into our session...

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