Cards, cards and more cards!

I've begun playing around with card design and and am really amazed with how much I love doing it. It probably doesn't surprise you, however, because you know that I graduated in graphic design, so it's right down my alley. It's just that when I was in school, I was in school, and doing projects were never that fun. I procrastinated like crazy and usually was racking my brain for quick ideas at 3:00 in the morning before a project was due, never wanting to actually do it. Now I'm still doing late-nighters (or early mornings...however you look at it!) but that's because I love my work and get so caught up in it, I can't walk away from my computer. There's nothing like designing greeting cards. The possibilities are endless, and so I have great fun with each design I do.

Christmas is around the corner and I'm starting ideas for my own Christmas cards. If you are interested in having some made, please give me a ring. I have a few going on right now, and can probably take on a few more. But orders must be placed by November 1st.

And of course, babies are being born all year round. So if you would like an announcement custom-made for you and your new special delivery, please give me a call. Some examples of my work you will see here.

And don't forget birthday party invites, shower invites, advertisements, etc.

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