Forgive me

I just wanted to let those of you trying to get a hold of me, that I'm currently "out-of-order" so to speak. Here in town we had a huge ice storm, like probably many of you. And our power is out. It has been since Thursday and is projected to be until Tuesday. Maybe later. While I do finally have access to my internet, I will not have access to any contact info, any pictures, negatives, etc. until I get back and into my work flow and family flow. I am already way behind with the deaths in my family, having my wisdom teeth out and now we have this to add to the shuffle. So please bear with me if you have tried getting a hold of me (I also dropped my phone in water and am awaiting that from the insurance company!) or if you are waiting on orders to arrive. I'm doing my best to have everything back to you and ready for Christmas. Wow, what year! Hopefully next year is a little less exciting. Anyhow, I wish you all a wonderful blessed holiday season. Stay safe and stay warm! God Bless! And Merry Christmas.

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