Getting sentimental about my weddings (because of the sappy love songs that I've been playing on my ipod, I suppose . . .) I thought I'd post some pictures . . . a collage of some of my past weddings.

I had a family sitting with one of my first wedding couples today. They reminded me that I was pregnant with my first child when I did their wedding. Wow does time fly. What's the best feeling about that moment was the smile I had on my face embraced with the thought that I was so lucky to be having this chance to photograph my brides and grooms but on such a different level . . . as they get older as a couple, as they have children, as they grow as a family. I feel really blessed to have such a great relationship with my couples. I'm sad that we'll be leaving for a couple years, but hopefully when I get back there will be more babies to shoot pictures of, more family sittings, endless more opporunities for me as a photographer and endless opporunities for my couples as my life long friends.

Enjoy my collages; pictures of some of my favorite couples and favorite moments with them in the first 3 years of my business.

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Cerella said...

I want to see the full albums of all of these photos! You definitely know how to capture great moments.