Our little ones at Christmas

So I decided to share some personal pictures here at this blog. My dear sweet little niece, Ella, turned the big "one" December 23rd. We had her birthday party that weekend before. She had a great time despite being so completely worn out that she didn't get to enjoy her first birthday cake experience, but isn't that how it is for all first-timers? It never seems to go how we hope it will. I think her favorite part of the day was after she finally got in her much-needed nap. She and her cousins, Noah & Maia (my kiddos!), really had a ball when we celebrated Christmas together with O'ma that evening. They all enjoyed their unwrapping of gifts - Ella & Maia enjoying the wrapping itself much more than the gifts themselves, but Noah, being 3 this year, really for the first time enjoyed the presents and their unveilings. Mommy, daddy, Auntie Chel and O'ma all enjoyed watching them have such a grand ol time. I, of course, also enjoyed snapping pictures of them in the mist of their little moments. Hope you enjoy this small glimpse into my personal life with my very favorite people in the entire world on two very special occasions. *smile*

And they decided it would be fun to play dress-up. They had the greatest time ever!

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