Capturing natural expressions

One of my favorite expressions caught on camera recently

My goal lately has been to catch priceless moments where they happen most - in your home. The perfect "Kodak moments" never happen in a studio. They seem to always happen where children are the most comfortable and where they experience these moments on a regular basis.

How often does a person go to a studio and say "well, she was happy until we walked in the door" or "he was so good yesterday" or "she usually always smiles"? It's probably more times than not. It's because children are not comfortable when they know they are being shot, when they are expected to smile on cue and when they are put under hot lights in a strange environment. That's my own theory anyway.

My son kissing the mirror - can't get anymore "Kodak moment" than this

For me, I find the perfect moments with my own kids when they are enjoying what they love most. Right now, for my son, who is 3, that is playing with his choo-choo trains, putting together a puzzle and singing along to the Spongebob theme song. For my daughter, who is 12 months, that is copying her brother, eating and making a huge mess with her hands, and trying to walk. I'm so glad, that when I am at home with them, that I have my camera in hand to catch most of these moments. I am thankful for the "Kodak moments" that I catch and would love to be able to give you that same opportunity. Just hire me for a few hours and we'll see what I can do. Nothing to lose, right? I can guarantee at least one smile and over 100 priceless shots. How many photographers can guarantee that under hot lights in a 30-minute time period? Not many most likely.

I just adore this one - Isn't she precious?

Check out this article at MSNBC on personal photographers in the home. People all around are starting to see how wonderful it is. Read it and then give me a call.

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