Holly & Andy

I had a great time shooting Andy and Holly in their home. Andy works with Neil and I have known Holly from their work events and from being with her at neighborhood shin-digs. I got to know them well during their session and I am just amazed at how similar they are to us, and us to them. Neil told me one day that he and Andy think a lot alike. He is right. So much so it's a little freaky! But I am really happy they invited me into their home and into their first experience with maternity photograhy. They are the neatest couple and I hope we see much more of them!

Update - today they are proud parents of Madilyn. I can't remember her stats, but I am sure she was perfect in every way. I can't wait to meet her.

Best wishes to you and your new family!


LiLi said...

VAL... OMG, these were amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

LiLi said...

Val, these were FABULOUS!!! She has the perfect belly for maternity modeling! I'm glad to hear the baby has arrived and all is well!