Miami off - VWC still on!

As most of my current clients know, I was suppose to be moving to Miami next month. Well, a week ago we found out that our move is now off. Hubby is staying and potentionally getting more seniority at his job here in town. The higher-ups decided Miami was not for our family - they are really looking out for our well-beings after really evaluating the situation. While I was very disappointed because mentally, emotionally and physically I was getting ready for a life-changing event, I am secretly happy because this means I don't have to move my business and I don't have to worry about putting off any current or upcoming sessions or picture orders. So . . . please start placing those album orders - I am ready to take them all on once again! - and please don't hesitate to call me for your future photography needs. While I am still shooting weddings, I would like to start concentrating more on my on-location work with your children and families. God Bless and hope to talk to you all soon.

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Corie said...

Val, I know that you are a little disappointed in the "non-move", but let me tell you how excited I am that you are still able to take our family pictures sometime this spring! My family just loves you and your work! No other photographer would have been the same!
PS. I will get the wedding album order ready- it's only been a little over a year?! :)