Kind words from a stranger

Not long ago I received one of the most heartening emails ever. It made my day, and today, as I reread it, it makes my WORLD. Thank you, Ashley, for sending this to me. It truly means more than you will ever know. I take such pride and passion in the work I do. I am so excited to know that people, guests (!), feel some of that passion.

Ashley, my bride, received this letter from a friend:

"Thank you SO much for sending me your pictures! Can I just say...they areabsolutely STUNNING. I can not even believe how amazing everything looked. From your equisite gown... to the beautiful flowers... to your make-up and jewelry. Everything... and I mean everything...looked absolutely beyond breathtaking. You looked absolutely gorgeous...words can't even express how beautiful you looked! Your gown... i am in awe of it. I'm sure the pictures didn't even really show how beautiful it really was. I am sure your wedding went smoothly judging by the pictures. I felt like I was actually there!!! Seriously... every single picture is amazing... I feel bad for you having to pick out your favorites... because I could never do it! They are all just really that good!

I know the pictures are beautiful and all because of the color and angles and physical beauty, but there is something about your pictures in particular that is extraordinary. I can actually see how genuinely happy you are. And with the pictures of both of you in them... it's obvious how in love you two are with each other. I think it's amazing that the essence of all that can be seen in your pictures. It's unbelievable. I just hope that one day I can have what you and Bryan have. You two are one of the best couples I have ever seen inside and out... you two are just perfect for eachother. You two share something magical, and it clearly can be seen."

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