New Happenings

Seems like thing are getting busier and busier for me with work, which is a wonderful thing! 5 years ago I never dreamed I'd have made it this far all by myself. So I'm to the point where I feel it's time to expand more outside the wedding world. One thing I have stumbled upon (thanks to Jen..she was my first model!) is natural light photography in my clients' homes. I think it's my new favorite thing! My very favorite subjects are babies and children, while I really enjoy the boudoir work I've done too.

How does it work? I come to you, in your home, where your child (or you) is most relaxed. I spend as much time as it takes (anywhere from 1-3 hours) shooting pictures of your child(ren) doing what they do best and most naturally - being themselves. My camera and I have been a part of bath times, play times, eating times, mommy and daddy time, and so on. I've also shot a handful of 1st birthday parties. The big bonus of this is, mommy and daddy don't have to worry with being behind a camera in hopes of that perfect moment comes along, not allowing the parent to really enjoy the celebration. That job becomes mine. It's a very enjoyable day for everyone and I really embrace the moment of being a part of these special times. So, here are a few examples from my in-home sessions. Please enjoy and comment when you can. And of course, if you find yourself interested, please call or email me!

Here are just a few examples...Ashley, Dawson, Audrie, Bella, & Alax...enjoy!


mossyfriend said...


Your pictures are still amazing! Are you sure that you can't come to Michigan to photograph the girls?? :)

My love to you and to your two little ones. Sarah will be 4 tomorrow and Hannah is now 20 months old. I'll send pictures when I can - chat later!


Cerella said...

Wow! Those pics are awesome! You are soo talented!