Digital Photography Here I come

I am well into my first year of "going digital" and I have to say, I am in love. It's amazing and finally (finally!) I get to utilize what I went to school for ~ graphic design. How exciting! It's going very well, too. I was pretty stressed out the first few weeks because it's just such a different process in all aspects. But I'm now accustomed to the work flow and with each job it gets easier and easier.

My first wedding I did half digital, half film. Here are some of my favorites above.

I hope to update as much as possible with VWC news and favorite photo shoots. So please keep coming back and comment when you can ~ I would love to hear from you!


jmsmiles4 said...

Val- This is absolutely beautiful! I wish you lived near me... I'd hire you in a heartbeat. All the best to you- Jess

Adrienne said...

I have to get you to photograph Lola! I've been meaning to for a year now. Your work is beautiful!