So sorry! This is actually me, Valerie!

I am SO SORRY for all the emails and texts and instant messages you all have been receiving.  This has been a horrible experience for me and such a huge ordeal.  I'm still not even close to clearing all this up.  This deceitful person stole my identity and with that, took over my computer, all my contacts (emptied them from my "address" book program on my computer), hacked into my phone (!), changed the password to yahoo, flickr, facebook and the list goes on!  I have NO IDEA who this horrible person is and I have no idea how they got my passwords.  I've never told anyone but my husband my password and he doesn't even remember it, lol.  Thank GOD I have never done online banking and I do not check any credit card balances online nor have I ever registered online with any of my credit cards.  Lesson in this: don't use the same password for everything.  But ultimately, I have no idea how all this started and I believe something like this can happen to anyone no matter how careful you are.  No matter how you are connected and how little or less you do online, you are still susceptible just because you are connected to the internet period.  I know, it's scary!

Thank you all for the phone calls, texts, and so forth.  I still am unable to get into my mac email where I do all my emailing from.  I had to create this new account for the time being. But thank you for your understanding, for alerting me, and thank you for defending me as I know many of you have.  I'm sorry this person took over my accounts and brought you into this.  I'm not in the UK and I am safe and sound with Neil and my family.

Much love,
Valerie - the real Valerie

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